Budget & Allocations

SAC-recognized groups have the options of submitting an annual budget during the Spring semester. This budget allows groups to apply for funding for events and items for the upcoming academic year for which they already have information. The process is as follows:

  1. During the spring semester, submit an annual budget request for the upcoming academic year through SAC Online’s Budget Request Wizard.

  2. Meet with SAC Exec to discuss your group’s annual budget.

  3. SAC Exec will make a recommendation on your group’s budget.

  4. Once you review your budget recommendation, you may appeal to SAC Exec. These appeals will be submitted in written format.

  5. At the April GBM, the General Body will vote on budgets and appeals.

You can follow this visual guide for submitting an annual budget.

  1. 2019 SAC Budget & Allocations Timeline:

    • Budget submissions open – now via SAC Online

    • SAC GBM - Feb 7

    • Budget submissions close at 11:59p - Feb 15

    • Interview signups spreadsheet emailed to listserv - Feb 17  (Groups will have a 24-hour sign-up window)

    • Budget Interviews - Feb 19 – Feb 28

    • SAC GBM - Mar 21

    • Budgets briefs released via SAC Online  - Apr 2

    • Written appeals on budgets due - Apr 10

    • Appeal decisions released - Apr 15

    • SAC GBM - Apr 18

      • Appeals will be discussed at this meeting

      • Groups must attend to accept their 2019 – 2020 budget