De-Recognition, and Re-Recognition

There are two reasons that a SAC group may be de-recognized:

  1. Missing two GBMs in an academic year.

  2. Failing to set up an approved debt repayment plan with SAC Exec.

We recommend that at least 3 group members are subscribed to the SAC listserv at all times to avoid missing GBMSs. Instructions to be added to the listserv can be found here.

Student organizations seeking re-recognition must submit a request here and send in the required supporting documentation to our Communications Director at least 24 hours prior to the Executive Board meeting at which the student organization wishes to be interviewed. During this meeting, leaders must be prepared to answer questions related to student organization's mission and the reason for de-recognition. Groups must submit in writing a constitution, list of officers and members and list of current year activities and expenditures in their email to

If the student organization is re-recognized, it will suffer a 10% reduction in its SAC funding for that academic year.