Using SAC Online

WHat is SAC online?

SAC Online is an online budget management system. It includes regularly updated information on each student organization’s budget. Representatives use SAC Online to submit budget requests, contingency requests, and send messages to their Exec Liaisons and Financial Advisors. If you do not know your login information or need to update your group’s contact information, email your Exec Liaison. 

How do I find my login information for SAC Online?

Ask your previous SAC representative or email your SAC Exec Liaison. You can find out who your group's assigned liaison is here.

How do I update my student organization's SAC Online contact?

Each student group is asked to provide contact information via SAC Online so that SAC Exec can inform them of funding decisions, debt statuses, and GBM absences, among other things. SAC Online only allows one contact to be listed, so it is important to continuously update this information so your group can stay informed. Email with your student organization's name, contact name, and contact email to update this SAC Online contact.