New Group Recognition

Every year, SAC holds a New Group Recognition period during which student groups that are not yet SAC-recognized can apply for SAC recognition. Earning SAC recognition provides groups with access to SAC funding as well as a budget code and bank account in OSA. SAC recognition is not necessary for reserving spaces on campus, obtaining funding from alternate sources, or hosting a table at the SAC Activities Fair.

The New Group Recognition application will be released on the homepage of the SAC website once the period opens. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.


The SAC New Group Recognition application period runs from October 7th until October 31st. Following the closing of the application period, selected applicants will be invited for interviews during which SAC Exec can ask questions to further clarify any information from the applications. Groups will be notified of SAC Exec's final decision by early December. There are three possible decisions: (1) disqualification due to not meeting the criteria for applying as outlined below; (2) recommendation to not recognize, which can be appealed; (3) recommendation to recognize. Appealing and accepting groups will attend the December GBM to undergo the process before the general body.


There are certain criteria that must be met by applying student groups in order to be eligible for SAC recognition. Failure to meet these pre-requisites will result in disqualification of an applying groups, a decision that cannot be appealed. The criteria are as follows:

  • Student groups must serve a niche purpose that is completely distinct from other SAC-recognized student organizations.

  • Student groups must be sustainable. This is demonstrated by having members from various class years and being registered on G.O. Penn for at least 12 months prior to the application deadline. Instructions on how to register can be found in the General FAQs here.

  • Students groups must have Executive Boards comprised completely of full time undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania (with the exceptions of second semester seniors) and general membership must be at least 75% full time undergraduate students.

  • Student groups must have a primary mission that fits into a SAC category. SAC uses the following categories for student organizations:

  • Student groups must already be recognized by the applicable umbrella organization. They are as follows:

    • Performing arts groups must be recognized by the Performing Arts Council (PAC)

    • Publication groups must be recognized by the Publications Cooperative (PubCo)

    • Competitive sports groups must be recognized by the Sports Club Council (SCC)

    • It is highly recommended but not required that religious groups be recognized by Programs for Religion, Interfaith, and Spirituality Matters (PRISM) and that groups representing minority cultures and interests be recognized by the relevant umbrella organizations (UMOJA, Asian Pacific Student Coalition (APSC), Latinx Coalition, Penn Association for Gender Equity (PAGE), and/or Lambda Alliance)

  • Student groups are required to submit a financial statement, membership list, constitution, and activities list along with their application.

*The category Sports/Recreational is used for groups recognized by the SCC. Groups recognized by the SCC do not need to apply for SAC recognition, as they are granted access to SAC funds through the SCC.

Application requirements

  1. Constitution (formal document that governs the organization)

  2. List of activities (include events that were collaborations)

  3. List of members (list position and school year for board members as well as general members)

  4. List of expenses for the most recent full academic year (in Excel format with the SAC budget category each expense falls under)

  5. Completed SAC Recognition Application

Prior to applying, make sure you have designated someone to serve as your student organization's SAC representative. We expect SAC representatives to be fiscally responsible, adhere to University policies and procedures for student organization finances, and making sure the student organization remains in good standing by registering with OSA each year.

Newly-recognized student organizations will not be eligible for funding until three months after the date of their SAC recognition. After this period, they will be eligible to apply for contingency funding for the remainder of that academic year and may apply for an annual budget for the following academic year. Please email with any questions.