Club Recruitment

The following guidelines are designed to improve the club recruitment process at Penn and make it easier for first- and second-year students navigate what is oftentimes a difficult process:

  1. Organizations are prohibited from asking questions of applicants that may constitute discrimination or harassment based on the University of Pennsylvania Non-discrimination Statement.

  2. Each organization must provide the SAC Executive Board a description of its recruitment process, including example interview questions, when registering for the Fall and Spring Activities Fairs.

  3. Organizations may not collect resumes from first-year students; however, a list of activities may be requested on a written application.

  4. Organizations must limit rounds of recruiting (i.e. interviews or auditions) to two (2) rounds per position.

  5. Organizations may not ask brain-teasers designed specifically to fluster candidates during interviews.

  6. Organizations may not require specific attire of applicants during rounds of recruiting except when necessary for the completion of the recruiting activity.

  7. Each organization must inform each applicant by name of their application status no later than one week after the organization has made a final decision regarding their application. Acceptable forms of communication include, but are not limited to, email or phone.


Potential violations of these guidelines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Students Activities Council Executive Board and the Office of Student Affairs.