Budget & Allocations

  1. During the spring semester, submit an annual budget request for the upcoming academic year through SAC Online’s Budget Request Wizard.
  2. Meet with SAC Exec to discuss your group’s annual budget.
  3. SAC Exec will make a recommendation on your group’s budget.
  4. Accept or appeal your budget to SAC Exec.
  5. If you choose to appeal, meet with SAC Exec and accept or appeal your group’s second budget after consideration by SAC Exec.
  6. At the April GBM, the General Body will vote on budgets and appeals.

Click here for an overview of the budget and allocations process. (OLD 2016 Version)

Annual Budget Allocations for 2016-2017:

Download (PDF, 316KB)

Annual Budget Allocations for 2015-2016:

Download (PDF, 292KB)

Annual Budget Allocations for 2014-2015:

Download (PDF, 286KB)