Spring Activities Fair!

1) Did you know there’s a SACtivities Fair in the spring?
2) Did you know you don’t have to be SAC-recognized to register? All Penn student groups welcome :)

Registration is now officially open, so please sign up now to make sure your group gets a space.  (For context, there are only 200 spots available, and almost 400 groups registered for the Fall Activities Fair.)

PAC groups should not register individually.  PAC Exec will take care of registration, so please be in contact with your subcommittee chair (a) if you would like to participate in the Spring Activities Fair, and (b) because they’re rather cool.

Registration for the fair will close after 11:59pm on Friday, January 4, after which tables will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis (if available).

Feel free to email Jeremy Cohen at sacfair@sacfunded.net with any questions, comments, concerns, life/love advice, or punny jokes.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It: SAC Now Recognizing New Groups!!


In order to apply, please fill out the the application found at http://sacfunded.net/recognition/ and create a constitution. Please email the filled out application and the constitution to our Vice Chair, Eli Bernstein, at newgroup@sacfunded.net. The SAC Executive Board will be meeting with groups seeking recognition on November 13 and November 20. The Board will then make recommendations about recognizing these groups at the December 3 SAC GBM and the general body will vote on whether or not to accept these recommendations. For more information, email SAC Chair, Renata O’Donnell at sac@sacfunded.net. The deadline for applications is November 20 at noon  The board looks forward to reviewing your applications!!! We are SO excited to welcome new groups to SAC!!!!!

*Note that we will not be recognizing new PAC groups, consistent with information disseminated at our October GBM.

SAC Votes to Partially Lift Moratorium

At the October 23 GBM, the SAC General Body voted to partially lift the moratorium for all non-performing arts groups. New guidelines for SAC recognition can be found here.

Note that SAC will be meeting with groups applying for recognition on November 6, 13 and 20. We will then make our recommendations on recognition to the general body at the December 3 GBM. The general body will vote on these recommendations to determine whether or not these groups will become SAC recognized.

SAC Moratorium Update

In accordance with our stated course of action from the 2013-2014 academic year, the SAC Executive Board and the Office of Student Affairs have evaluated the state of SAC’s finances. We are excited to announce that SAC ended the fiscal year in the black. This means that we are in a position to recommend a partial lift of the new group moratorium to the SAC general body at the September 24th general body meeting (GBM). Specifically, the moratorium will be lifted for groups that fall into all SAC categories except for performing arts.Retaining a moratorium on new performing arts groups will allow SAC and PAC to continue working towards creating a sustainable system for funding PAC groups’ facilities costs. Additional details can be found in our DP op-ed from last year. At the October GBM, the SAC general body, consisting of representatives from all SAC-recognized groups, will vote on the proposal to lift the new group moratorium.

Criteria and guidelines for new group recognition will also be announced at the October GBM. If the SAC general body approves a lift to the moratorium, SAC Exec anticipates meeting with groups desiring recognition throughout the month of November, and having the SAC general body vote to approve their recognition at the December GBM. Information regarding our funding policies and recognition guidelines will be available on SAC’s website (www.sacfunded.net). We really appreciate the patience of the Penn student body, especially groups who haven’t had the opportunity to apply for SAC recognition. We’re excited to move forward and continue to promote a robust student life on campus.

If you have questions, please contact the SAC Chair, Kanisha Parthasarathy, at sac@sacfunded.net.

2014 SAC Fall Activities Fair Registration is Now Open

Registration for the 2014 SAC Fall Activities Fair is now open! You can register here. Registration will close on Monday, August 11, so please register as soon as possible! Any group which registers after the deadline will be waitlisted and assigned a table if available. All registered participant groups will be contacted by August 18 with details about the fair.

This year’s fair will be held on Thursday, August 28 from 5pm–8pm.

Please email sacfair@sacfunded.net if you have any questions.

Spring General Body Meetings

Below are the dates for the SAC spring general body meetings. The meeting on January 28 will be in Cohen G17. All other meetings will be in Meyerson B1 and will begin at 6pm.

January 28 – Cohen G17

February 19 – Meyerson B1

March 27 – Meyerson B1

April 23 – Meyerson B1

We look forward to seeing you there.


Fall 2013 SAC Exec Agendas

Thurs. Nov. 21, 2013
7:05-7:15 – UTV contingency request for studio repairs
7:15-7:25 – Penn Pals contingency request for background checks
7:25-7:35 – PRUSA re-recognition request
7:35-7:45 – Operation Smile re-recognition request
7:45-7:55 – Undergraduate Economic Society contingency request for travel for a speaker
Exec Report:
Facilities Report Compilation update
Funding Guidelines Revision Meetings update
Winter Break Goals
PAC meeting debrief

Thurs. Nov. 14, 2013
7:05-7:15 – Penn Review contingency request for annual budget
7:15-7:25 – Assembly of International Students discussion
7:25-7:35 – Club Columbia re-recognition request
7:35-7:45 – Penn Masti contingency request for travel
8:00-8:10 – Biochemistry Club contingency request for speaker event
Exec Report:
Funding Guidelines Meetings
Group Education Subcommittee
Website update
Facilities Report update

Thurs. Nov. 7, 2013
7:05-7:15 – MeCHA re-recognition request
7:15-7:25 – Penn for Liberty contingency request for travel for speaker
7:25-7:35 – PennYO re-recognition request
7:45-7:55 – Big Brothers Big Sisters contingency request for annual budget
Exec Report:
Debt Report follow-up
Project distribution
Funding Guidelines
Facilities Report
Meetings with Umbrella Groups
Group Education

Thurs. Oct. 31, 2013
6:05-6:15 – UME reallocation request
6:15-6:25 – Operation Smile re-recognition request
6:25-6:35 – South Asia Society contingency request for speaker
6:35-6:45 – Kite & Key re-recognition request
6:45-6:55 – Penn for Palestine contingency request for speaker
6:55-7:05 – Undergrad. Sports Business Club contingency request for travel
7:05-7:15 – Engineers Without Borders contingency requests for dues & conference
7:15-7:25 – Penn HYPE contingency request
7:25-7:35 – AIS contingency request for AV equipment
7:35-7:45 – Penn Band reallocation request
Exec Report pushed to next week