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New SAC Representative 101

First, you should know what SAC is. The Student Activities Council (SAC) is one of the University of Pennsylvania’s six branches of undergraduate student government. SAC funds and supports 220 student organizations and represents their interests to the Undergraduate Assembly (UA) and the Penn administration. SAC’s main mission is to improve the state of student organizations at Penn. The Executive Board, which is comprised of eight elected members and the Treasurer of the UA, proposes budget recommendations that are voted on by the General Body.

The SAC Executive Board should be seen as a resource for your student group. Though our main function is to allocate funding, we can also help walk you through that process, direct your to other funding sources, and work with your group to help expand your presence on campus and achieve your mission. However, it is important to keep in mind that in term of funding, the Executive Board only deals with allocating money. We are not in charge of the reimbursement process or actually using the money that you have been allocated. For that, you should talk to your OSA Financial Liaison using the steps outlined here.

As a SAC representative, you have two main responsibilities:

  1. Attend SAC GBMs on behalf of your student group. There are 6 GBMs a year, 3 a semester. Missing 2 GBMs in a year will result in de-recognition of your student group, so it is really important that someone signs in to each GBM for your group. If you cannot make it, you can send someone else from your group to attend on your behalf and sign in for your group. The GBM schedule can be found here.
  2. Apply for SAC funding on behalf of your student group. There are multiple ways to obtain funding from SAC: through budgets and allocations, contingency funding, and emergency contingency funding. You can find information about each type of funding here. Click here for information on how to apply for a budget and click here for information on how to apply for contingency funding.

You can find a fully detailed guide on what you need to know as a SAC representative here.