Obtaining and Using SAC Recognition

What does it mean to be sac recognized?

SAC recognition provides groups with access to SAC funding as well as a budget code and bank account in OSA. In return, SAC recognized groups are expected to attend SAC GBMs, abide by the club recruitment guidelines, along with other expectations outlined here. SAC recognition is not necessary for reserving spaces on campus, obtaining funding from alternate sources, or hosting a table at the SAC Activities Fair.

My group is not sac recognized. How can we change that?

SAC has New Group Recognition period running from the October 8th to October 31st, during which student groups that are not yet SAC recognized can apply for SAC recognition. Information about this process can be found here.

What do i need to apply?

The requirements and criteria for applying groups can be found here. To apply for recognition, groups are expected to meet the outline criteria as well as submit a constitution, history of expenditures, board membership list, membership list, and list of activities/events with their application.

what if i am ineligible to apply this year or my application was unsuccessful?

Fortunately, the New Groups Recognition process runs annually, so groups are always invited to re-apply during the following school year. We recommend that you take a look at the reasons for SAC Exec's decision and use it to best prepare yourself for the next application period. Groups are also able to appeal SAC Exec's decision at the GBM as long as they were not disqualified. More information about this will be provided to groups as they go through the process.