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The recognition period is currently closed. There will be a new application cycle for student organizations seeking SAC recognition every October. The application will be posted to the homepage of this website when it is released.

Here are the criteria that SAC Exec looks for in new student organizations:

Student organizations must serve a niche purpose. To be SAC-recognized, your student organization’s purpose must be completely distinct from other SAC-recognized student organizations.

Student organizations must be sustainable. Student organizations seeking SAC recognition must have members from various class years and have been in existence for at least one academic year. The latter will be verified by checking that the student organization has been registered on G.O. Penn during the previous academic year.

Student organizations must have a primary mission that fits into a SAC category, and if applicable, recognition from an umbrella organization. SAC uses the following categories for student organizations:

  • Academic/Pre-Professional
  • Arts
  • Community/Public Service
  • Cultural/International
  • Instructional/Competitive
  • Media/Publications
  • Peer Education/Support
  • Political/Advocacy
  • Religious/Spiritual
  • Sports/Recreational

SAC Exec will accept new group applications and interview student organizations between the October GBM and the week before Thanksgiving. SAC Exec will present recommendations regarding recognition to the General Body at the December GBM. To schedule an interview with SAC Exec, email and include the following documents:

  1. Constitution (formal document that governs the organization)
  2. List of activities (include events that were collaborations)
  3. List of members (list position and school year for board members)
  4. List of expenses for the most recent full academic year (in Excel format with the SAC budget category each expense falls under)
  5. Completed SAC Recognition Application

Prior to applying, make sure you have designated someone to serve as your student organization’s SAC representative. We expect SAC representatives to be fiscally responsible, adhere to University policies and procedures for student organization finances, and making sure the student organization remains in good standing by registering with OSA each year.

Newly-recognized student organizations will not be eligible for funding until three months after the date of their SAC recognition. After this period, they will be eligible to apply for contingency funding for the remainder of that academic year and may apply for an annual budget for the following academic year. Please email with any questions.


There are two ways to be de-recognized:

  1. Missing two GBMs in an academic year.
  2. Failing to set up an approved debt repayment plan with SAC Exec.


Student organizations seeking re-recognition must submit a request here and send in the required supporting documentation to at least 24 hours prior to the Executive Board meeting at which the student organization wishes to be interviewed. During this meeting, leaders must be prepared to answer questions related to student organization’s mission and the reason for de-recognition. If the student organization is re-recognized, it will suffer a 10% reduction in its SAC funding for that academic year.