Frequently Asked Questions:

When does SAC host its biannual activities fairs?

SAC hosts two activities fairs each year. The Fall Activities Fair is held during first week of classes. The Spring Activities Fair is held during the first weekend of the semester. Information regarding dates, times, and the registration process will be posted on this website and sent out through the SAC listserv. If your student organization is not SAC-recognized, email the Activities Fair Coordinator at sacfair@sacfunded.net to register for a table. Signups are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where can I find my student organization’s budget code?

Every SAC-recognized student organization is assigned a 26-digit budget code. Please contact your Financial Advisor if you need a budget code.

Are students allowed to sign contracts or agreements?

No student may sign any form of contract or agreement. All contracts or agreements for lecturers, performances, speakers, conferences, and services of any kind must be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs and signed by the Purchasing Department. Contracts must be submitted to a Financial Advisor at least two weeks prior to the event. For more information, please review the Student Activities Financial Policies and Procedures.

How do I contact my student organization’s Financial Advisor?

You can contact your Financial Advisor through your student organization’s SAC Online account. After logging in, select “Contact SAC” and in the “Send a Message” field select “My OSA Financial Advisor.”

What is Groups Online at Penn (G.O. Penn)?

G.O. Penn is Penn’s official student group management database. All student organizations are required to register in G.O. Penn every year. G.O. Penn is the official directory of all existing student organizations on campus.

How do I register my student organization?

Register your student organization online at G.O. Penn.

How do I reserve a room or space on campus?

Perelman Quad handles reservations for most rooms and outdoor spaces on campus. You can find a list of available facilities on their website. Any registered student organization can reserve rooms without rental charge, but additional services will incur costs. If you’re unsure of how to reserve a particular room or space on campus, contact the Office of Student Affairs at pennosa@upenn.edu or (215) 898-6533.

How do I contact my SAC Exec Liaison?

You can contact your SAC Exec Liaison through your student organization’s SAC Online account. After logging in, select “Contact SAC” and in the “Send a Message” field select “My SAC Exec Liaison.”

How do I find my login information for SAC Online?

Ask your previous SAC representative or email your SAC Exec Liaison.

How do I update my student organization’s SAC Online contact?

Email help@sacfunded.net with your student organization’s name, contact name, and contact email. SAC Online only allows one contact to be listed.