2016 New Group Recognition

SAC is now accepting applications for membership from non-SAC-recognized student organizations. Eligible student organizations must have existed on Penn’s campus for at least one calendar year, have a primary mission unique from existing SAC-recognized student organizations, and demonstrate a need for SAC funding within existing guidelines. (For more details, see our Policies.)

To apply, send the attached application to newgroup@sacfunded.net along with a constitution, list of members, list of activities, and list of historical expenditures. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis between October 24th and November 14th at 5 p.m. Eligible student organizations will meet with SAC’s Executive Board for further discussion.

Download (DOCX, 19KB)

September 2016 GBM Agenda

Download (PDF, 526KB)

Fall 2016 GBM Dates

Fall 2016 GBM Dates:

  • September 22nd, 6 – 7 p.m., Claudia Cohen Hall G17
  • October 31st, 6 – 7 p.m., Claudia Cohen Hall G17*
  • December 7th, 6 – 7 p.m., Claudia Cohen Hall G17

*Elections will be held during this GBM.

2016 Fall Activities Fair

Thanks to everyone who came out to SAC’s 2016 Fall Activities Fair! Check out photos courtesy of the Daily Pennsylvanian here.

Spring 2016 Assignments

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April 2016 GBM Agenda

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2016-2017 Budget Appeals

Budget appeals are due on Wednesday, April 13th at 11:59 PM.

If you believe that your group’s budget has been insufficiently funded, submit an appeal to appeals@sacfunded.net. For each line item, include:

1) The original amount requested for the item
2) The amount approved by SAC Exec
3) The amount for which you are appealing

Please also include explanations, clarification, documentation, and cost quotes as necessary. The appeals process provides you with an opportunity to emphasize a point or elucidate details regarding your initial annual budget request. Your SAC Exec Liaison will contact you with our updated recommendation by April 18th. If you are unsatisfied with our decision, you may appeal it before the General Body at the April GBM.

March 2016 GBM Agenda

Download (PDF, 535KB)

2016-2017 Budgets Done


After 18 hours of deliberations, SAC Exec has reached decisions on all 2016-2017 budgets. Stay tuned for more on your student organization’s budget!

Spring 2016 Elections

Congratulations to Riad Hamade, Edward Jing, and Noah Lee for being elected to SAC Exec at the February 2016 GBM!

Thank you to Neville Dusaj, Matt Herling, and Lukas Vacek for serving on SAC Exec. We wish them luck in all of their future endeavors!